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There's lots of music to explore here for your SATB choirs. These curated playlists feature new, best-selling, and Basic Library holiday music of various styles with a level of sophistication appropriate for high school singers. If listening to all things SATB is daunting, use our genre categories to break it up into smaller groupings.

New SATB Holiday for High School

Best-Selling SATB Holiday for High School

Basic Library SATB Holiday for High School

Extended Mixed Divisi for High School

The Inside Voice: An Interview with Michael John Trotta

Clinician, conductor, and composer Michael John Trotta is one of the bright young minds of modern choral music. His work has been performed at Carnegie Hall and featured at several national conferences, with recordings of his compositions broadcast worldwide. Pepper had the opportunity to sit down with Trotta to discuss his background, inspiration, views on education, and some of his most successful works.

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