Sacred Christmas


Here are sacred settings for high school Christmas programs, presented in curated playlists featuring new, best-selling, and Basic Library selections.

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Best-Selling Sacred Christmas for High School

Basic Library Sacred Christmas for High School

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The Inside Voice: An Interview with Craig Courtney

For composer Craig Courtney, music has been a lifelong pursuit. He began picking up melodies on the piano at the age of three, and in his teens he analyzed recordings of classical masterworks. This immersion into music helped to foster Courtney’s passion for excellence and influenced the art he would create throughout his life.

The Inside Voice: An Interview with John Rutter

Dan Forrest is a man who believes “all good things, including any beauty that we encounter, arefromGod,throughGod, and ultimatelytoGod.” It is from this basis that he has made his career as a composer. During his early days at Bob Jones University pursuing piano performance, Forrest’s love of composition began to become apparent. He found that, to him, nothing compared to the sounds and musical dynamics of a choir.

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