Hanukkah for High School

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Teaching with Respect: Inclusive Pedagogy for Choral Directors

This is a book for choral directors who find themselves in conversations they might not feel ready to have. Teaching with Respect prompts us to ask deeper questions about the language we use, about systems of power, about our heritage and inheritance. When we examine our teaching, we may find that, while we do not intentionally act with racism, sexism, or bigotry, we may be complicit in adopting systems and language that marginalize and discriminate.

Strayline Safety Candles

Strayline Safety Candles add that special touch that only candlelight can to any performance or service. With these safe and effective battery-powered candles, there is no need to deal with the risk of open flames and dripping wax! The batteries included simply screw in the lens cap. Sold by the dozen, the eight-inch height is ideal for most uses, and plastic bases are available to hold them upright.

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