Treble Choir


Here are playlists created specifically for adult community choirs with treble voices. These playlists are organized in large categories - A Cappella, Secular Concert, Sacred Concert, and Holiday Concert - to help you find the music you want for your community ensemble. Click on any title to see additional voicings and more information!

Treble A Cappella

Treble Holiday

Treble Sacred

Treble Secular

Seven women you may not know from music history

The historical record of women making music extends back as far as the earliest histories and artifacts of musical performance. How have women impacted the history of music? Below are seven women who impacted music history who might have gone unheard.

Singing in a choir could be ‘the new exercise’ – here's the surprising science behind why

“Exercise is one of the few activities in life that is indisputably good for us,” writes Daniel H. Pink in his new book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. “Choral singing might be the new exercise.”

“Choral singing calms the heart and boosts endorphin levels. It improves lung function. It increases pain thresholds and reduces the need for pain medication,” Pink claims. It also seems to improve your outlook, boosting mood and self-esteem while alleviating feelings of stress and depression.

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