Social Justice


Looking for a theme for your next performance? Here is a playlist that centers on the idea and theme of social justice. Click on any title to see additional voicings and more information!

Social Justice

Drum circle helps refugee women heal from trauma

About thirty refugee women sat in a circle at a church in El Cajon on a recent Monday morning, thrumming the pulse of a heartbeat on hand drums and with shakers. Under the guidance of Ari Honarvar, they played first for a member of one of the organizations involved in the drum circle who had recently had surgery.

In partnership with License to Freedom, a nonprofit that focuses on helping refugees and immigrants who are survivors of domestic violence, since September, Honarvar has led twice-monthly drum circles in El Cajon designed to help participants heal from trauma they’ve experienced.

Kids with special needs find a choir all their own at Butler University

Lauren Southard has an ear for music and a heart for children. Both are on display in a practice room at Lilly Hall on the campus of Butler University, where Southard cajoles a group of Indianapolis Children’s Choir members through a series of songs, games and exercises on a Thursday night.

The ICC’s Jubilate Choir is geared for children with special needs in grades 3 through 9. The half-dozen kids here on this night have a host of challenges, including autism and visual impairment, but they also share a sense of belonging in this classroom.

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