Looking for pops selections for your next performances? Here are three playlists created specifically for adult community choirs for all voicings. One playlist serves up a cappella selections while the other two break up some of the most popular titles for adult community groups into managable playlists - older issues and newer issues. Click on any title to see additional voicings and more information!

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11 Fun Facts About "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and the Wizard of Oz

Believe it or not, the 75thanniversary ofThe Wizard of Ozis upon us.  The ubiquitous classic that immortalized Judy Garland’s face and voice while simultaneously giving children everywhere sky-ape related nightmares had its Hollywood premiere on August 15, 1939.  To honor this huge and greatly loved film, here are 11 of our favorite facts about the movie, its star, and the smash hit song that still touches hearts to this day.

Louis Armstrong Continues to Shape Contemporary Music

Throughout the year, Pepper has been celebrating the100thanniversary of the first jazz recordingby sharing interviews with modern jazz legends, descriptions of historic sites, and a blog series about the impact of jazz on our national history. If you haven’t yet, please check out theexcellent resourceswe have shared so far.

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