Memorial & Tribute


Looking for a theme for your next performance? Here is a playlist that centers on memory, memorials and tributes. Click on any title to see additional voicings and more information!

Memory, Memorials & Tributes

Voice of the Heart: Remembering Karen Carpenter

February 4, 1983.  I can tell you what I was doing that morning at about 9:30 a.m. when I heard the news on the radio.  It was a different time – there was no internet, no cable television, and no cell phones with text updates.

Thirty years ago, when there was news, people stopped and listened because it wasn’t streamed constantly like it is today.  When the radio announcer broke into the music with an update, everyone around me in the department store stopped as I did and we listened as he announced that Karen Carpenter had died unexpectedly at the young age of 32.

Elliot Carter: Celebrating a long life of music

On November 5th of this year, the classical music world lost one of its giants. Elliott Carter would have celebrated his 104th birthday today, most likely by attending a concert or composing a new piece.

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